Anti-social behaviour service standard

Should you experience anti-social behaviour, it is important that you report it to us so that we can take appropriate action and offer you support.

Our service standards outline what we can do to protect your quality of life, and how you can help us.

What we will do when you report a problem (Our Service Standards)

  • We will acknowledge your report within one working day and a member of our team will then arrange to discuss the problem with you face-to-face
  • If your problem does not include violence or harassment we will meet with you within five working days of receiving your report and interview the alleged perpetrator within five working days of them being identified
  • If your problem involves harassment (including hate behaviour or domestic abuse) we will meet with you within two working days and interview the alleged perpetrator (whereppropriate) within two working days of them being identified
  • If you are suffering violence (or the threat of it) we will meet with you within one working day and (where appropriate) take action against the perpetrator on the same day
  • We will keep you informed about what we are doing to resolve your report
  • We will close your report only after discussing this with you, always explaining the reasons why

We will agree an action plan with you. First we will make investigations and (if possible) talk to those who you say are behaving in an unacceptable way. If we are unable to resolve the problem quickly and easily then, with your agreement, we may need to gather evidence. This might involve:

  • You and/or other witnesses keeping diaries
  • Gathering evidence to support what you have told us – for example by talking to other people affected by the problem, talking to other agencies like the Police or Local Authority, or through surveillance

What else will we do?

City West will:

  • Deal with all reports of anti-social behaviour in a positive, sensitive and confidential manner giving you the name of a member of staff from City West who will be responsible for investigating your report (and we will always inform you should that person change)
  • Take your concerns seriously and conduct a full investigation, only using information with the consent of the person providing it (unless there are good reasons, such as concerns about a child’s welfare or safety)
  • Always offer to talk about the problem in private if you come to our offices
  • Where possible, arrange for you to speak to a member of staff who is of the same sex or ethnic origin, if you feel more comfortable with this
  • Explain to you what will happen in response to your report, how it will be dealt with and what action we can take to resolve it
  • Ensure you (and any witnesses) are provided with any support that is needed
  • Apply to court for an emergency injunction in cases where violence has been used or threatened and where our legal advisors recommend this as the most appropriate action
  • Explain the full meaning of any court orders issued and ensure that all witnesses receive a copy of this information
  • Aim to resolve your case within 13 weeks. Where this is not possible (because further action is required) we will refer your case to one of our specialist Anti-Social Behaviour Officers. They will review the case and advise on how to progress the case (including timescales)

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