Caretaking and cleaning service standard

Our dedicated caretaking and cleaning service helps us to achieve properties that are of a consistently high standard, clean, safe and secure. These services are provided by your Caretakers and a number of contractors.

What we’ll do and when we’ll do it

  • We will remove fly-tipping within 24 hours if in a high-rise block, all other fly-tipping will be removed within 72 hours
  • We will remove sharp instruments e.g. needles within 24 hours of a report being made to us
  • We will remove abusive/ offensive graffiti within 24 hours of it being reported to us and other graffiti within 5 working days of it being reported to us
  • We will check all fire doors, shared stairways and other areas every week in high rise blocks, to make sure fire escape routes are clear
  • We will display contact details on notice boards in high rise blocks

Help us to help you

  • Only let people you know into the block, this improves security for all
  • Do not obstruct communal areas as this could create a fire hazard
  • Use the recycling facilities

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