Compliments, suggestions and complaints service standards

We want to provide good quality services for everyone but we know that things can sometimes go wrong. If we make a mistake, we need to know so that we can put it right and learn from it.

What we’ll do and when we’ll do it

We will:

  • Make it easy for you to make a complaint and provide us with feedback. It does not need to be in writing
  • Accept compliments, comments and complaints with your permission from any person acting on your behalf• Follow our complaints process including set timescales
  • Apologise when we are at fault and give you a full explanation as to why things went wrong and how we will put them right
  • Learn from complaints to improve the services we provide

Help us to help you

To improve our services and ensure we can do our jobs properly, we need your help:

  • Please remember that you can support us by respecting our staff. We will be able to do our job better if you are polite and stay calm when dealing with us
  • When we have done a good job, please let us know and tell us why it was good so that we can ensure all customers receive this level of service
  • If you have an idea about how we can improve our services, please let us know
  • If we get something wrong, tell us about it so we can make sure it doesn’t happen again

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