Ending your tenancy checklist

  • Leave your home and garden in a clean and tidy condition this includes leaving internal decoration clean and intact. If we have to remove any items from the property once you have left, including furniture or carpets, we will charge you.
  • Make sure all rent arrears are settled in full. Failure to clear any rent arrears owing may prevent you from renting a home from us or any other Registered Housing Provider in the future.
  • Take your gas and electricity final meter readings and leave any meter keys in the meter before leaving. Advise your gas and electricity supplier that you are moving. Please also provide City West with details of your gas and electricity suppliers.
  • Tell us the date you will actually move out at least seven days in advance.
  • Before you go we will carry out an exit interview with you and ask you why you are leaving. We value your comments, which will help us improve our service.
  • Tell us your new address. We will send your cheque (should you complete all four steps and meet the criteria to qualify for payment) to this address within 14 days of receiving your keys for the property.
  • Hand in all keys and fobs for the property by 12pm on the Monday following your agreed tenancy end date. Failure to hand in keys before 12pm, will lead to the tenancy being extended to the following Sunday.
  • Leave window keys in the property.• Repair any damage to, walls, floors, ceilings, and repair or replace doors and other fixtures and fittings that have been damaged or removed whilst you were living at the property and undertake any repairs identified as being your responsibility at the home visit.
  • Remove any rubbish and furniture, including cookers, fridges and freezers, and any items in the garden, loft, bin store, store cupboards, garage or out buildings.
  • You will be recharged for the removal of any items left in the property*.
  • Turn off your water supply, the stop tap is usually found in your kitchen.
  • Leave any gas and electrical appliances which we supplied in a safe condition.
  • Tell Council Tax and Housing Benefit you are leaving.
  • Inform the post office and arrange to redirect your mail to your new address.
  • End your telephone agreement if you have one.

*We may be able to help you to remove these items as we work with local charities that recycle your unwanted furniture and white goods

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