Finding a home service standard

We advertise our properties in a number of places to give you access to all our available homes, those from other landlords in other areas and access to properties where people are looking to transfer to another City West property.

What we’ll do and when we’ll do it

Working with Salford Home Search, we will:

  • Contact you when we allocate the property to ensure the property will meet your needs, and to identify any other assistance you might need, including a financial assessment to establish any support we could provide
  • Contact the successful bidder within 2 working days of the close of the bidding or the previous offer being refused
  • Let a minimum of 10% of properties to existing tenants to make sure they have a reasonable chance to move. We will give particular focus to customers wanting to downsize, releasing larger homes for households that need them
  • Provide accompanied viewings for all our properties
  • Complete mutual exchanges within 30 working days of approval

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